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Fall Collection Period: Oct. 4, 2017 thru mid Jan 2018
Any other time of the year follow rules for Yard Waste Collection, click here.

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****** Please NO APPOINTMENTS or INDIVIDUAL PICKUPS during the fall collection period.****** 

During the fall, the crews start collecting at one end of town and collects throughout the town until whole town is collected. Once whole town is collected, the route starts over.

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 - Yard waste collection is for single-family and residential units only.

 - Please rake or place leaves only at the curb for collection. Do not block roads, ditches or any stormwater areas.

 - Town rollout carts should not be used for leaves or yard waste of any type.

 - Do not place leaves in bags. 

- Leaves only!! Make sure the leaf piles are free of any debris such as rocks, bottles, cans, limbs, sticks, any metal or solid substances so it does not damage our vacuum truck or equipment or hurt the crew. Leaves will not be picked up until leaves are separated from other debris.

- Damage to equipment due to improper preparation of material will result in a fine being applied to the customer's account.

- The solid waste division may decline to collect any yard waste that is not prepared or placed for collection in accordance with these regulations or exceeds the maximum amount.

- There may be occasions when the amount of yard waste or leaf collection exceeds processing capacity. When this occurs, the waste will be collected at the earliest convenience or next scheduled collection day, whichever is sooner according to manpower and equipment.