The Historic Preservation Commission duties are to promote, enhance, and preserve the character of the historic overlay district and designated landmarks. The commission is responsible for making recommendations to the Town Council to designate by ordinance specific areas, structures, sites and objects as historic overlay districts or historic landmarks. The commission consists of nine (9) members that meet as needed on the third Tuesday of the month. 

The Local Historic Preservation District Design Guidelines assist owners of historic properties in planning exterior changes to their properties. These guidelines also assist the Historic Preservation Commission in evaluating the appropriateness of proposed changes to historic properties. Historic preservation efforts like Wilkesboro’s guidelines are not established to prevent change, but rather to ensure that future changes to properties are consistent with the historic character of the site or district. In general, these design guidelines are an expansion of the United State Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation. These standards describe appropriate preservation treatments with priority given to retaining and repairing historic features rather than replacing them. 

If you should need further information or a copy of an agenda or minutes not listed, please contact the Planning Director  at 336-838-3951 ext. 1010 or email for this information.