Why are Curbside Recycling Rules so Strict?

Wednesday, 03 February 2021 08:39

recyclable or is it?For the past 30 years, China was the largest importer of recyclable paper and plastic. In 2018, China and other countries put significant restrictions on imported recycling,

thus changing the world recycling industry as we knew it. Because of these changes, the United States has a large supply of recyclables, but no demand for them. This caused prices for all recyclables to fall. 

Some communities have seen significant changes to recycling, including stopping it altogether, and the Town of Wilkesboro is not any different. Just because an item item is marked recyclable, does not mean it is recyclable in the Town of Wilkesboro. One thing to keep in mind, is that the town’s recycling vendor has the final decision on what items they will accept from the town’s recycling stream. Each recycling stream vendor experiences the same scrutiny with their recyclables since other countries are demading cleaner recyclables.

If the town and it's vendor do not take a certain recyclable item, it should go in the trash or you can check with a Wilkes County recycling center

If an item can still be used, consider donating or try searching the NC Recycling Markets Directory for companies that specialize in recycling common and not-so-common materials. You may also try posting a free message at the North Carolina Waste Trader, a marketplace for surplus materials. Both of these websites are sponsored by the NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

For each step in the recycling stream, samples are taken from each container and if any non-recyclables are found, the entire container is rejected. Remember, clean recycling streams start with you!

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