Façade Improvement Program as an additional financial Incentive to stimulate investment and re-investment in Historic Downtown Wilkesboro.

Moreover, the Town of Wilkesboro as a designated North Carolina Small Town Main Street community has created and funded a Capital Improvement Program (CIP) and a Façade Improvement Program (FIP) for the purpose of stimulating investment and re-investment in Historic Downtown Wilkesboro’s commercial properties. To be eligible for funding made available through the above mentioned programs, applicants (i.e., property or business owners) must be located within the Historic Downtown District as illustrated on the Town of Wilkesboro Local Historic District Map, (included in application packet below). 

It is important to note, a Capital Improvement Grant can be used in conjunction with a Façade Improvement Grant. Both programs are specifically designed to encourage property and business owners to make improvements to their building(s) and/or business operations. 

The Façade Improvement Program (FIP) is designed to encourage improvements to the exterior (preference given to entrance façades and Main Street facilities) of historic downtown commercial properties and is a 50/50 matching grant. The Town of Wilkesboro’s Façade Improvement Program will be an incentive-based measure intended to spur, encourage and provide economic inducement for the following activities:

  • Renovation of commercial building facades in Historic Downtown Wilkesboro to provide more aesthetically appealing Main Street storefronts and associated streetscapes;
  • Implementation of appropriate design standards for the rehabilitation of historic properties that meet all zoning and Town of Wilkesboro Ordinances and Guidelines; and
  • Preservation and restoration of unique architectural and commercial character within Historic Downtown Wilkesboro.

The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is designated for any exterior or interior improvement(s) that would improve the functionality of the building as a commercial property. These improvements could include but are not limited to: new roof/roof repairs, electrical including upgrading HVAC, energy efficiency/green initiatives, improving restroom facilities, plumbing upgrades, flooring, and structural/foundation repairs.

These grants are not limited to the property owners; business owners may utilize them as well. However, the business owners must have the property owner’s written consent prior to any work being done and the written consent must be included in the application. 

*** When applicable, property owners may use these grants along with other incentives such as Historic Tax Credits. ***



Grant Application Packet